Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Post #2: Name Change?

I had wanted this blog to be about more than books. I chose to use "Sea" in the title for two reasons. The first was that it simply was a middle/high school nickname. The second one was that I didn't was another nickname that I wanted to use to be mispronounced. I used "Fire" in the title because I just liked the sound of it.

After searching "sea's fire", I saw that it wasn't as unique as I would have liked.

So I am thinking about changing the blog title.

1. MI Fire

2. The Touk and The Mitten

3. The Sea View

*Please pick your favorite out these possible titles*

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Currently Reading: "Take Two" (by Traci Hayden)

TBR: "Blind Tribute" (by Mari Christie) = added to my goodreads "to-read" shelf

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