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NBtM VBT: Marines Don't Cry


Marines Don't Cry

by Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline C. Garcia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

GENRE: Memoir, Non-fiction



Have you ever been lost -- really lost?

Danny and Jackie answer this question in Marines Don’t Cry with stories of death to life, deep 

sorrow to joy, darkness to light, and freedom in Christ.

Danny recounts his early life in Spanish Harlem and describes conversion from a life of drugs 

and “the fast lane” to one consumed with knowing and serving God. This makes his journey of 

walking more than 52 million steps on six continents for children and world peace such an 

incredible story.

Marines Don’t Cry is about the transformational power of God’s love: how Danny found his 

calling and is delivering the message of Christ at all costs. 



Chapter 7: “You Must Choose Now”

One night in my living room, under the influence of several drugs and alcohol, I experienced 

something bizarre and frightening. Something happened to me, and I knew that something was 

terribly wrong. In a moment, I felt my spirit leaving my body; a wrenching separation and tearing 

from deep within. Life literally came out of my body. My feet lifted from the floor. I levitated 

upwards and felt myself being pulled out of this world. It was an out-of-body experience. I did 

not feel physical pain, but I knew I was dying. All my life, I had been in control and never let fear 

consume me. Now, I was terrified.

I panicked.

My thoughts raced. I knew that if I died, I would go to hell because of all the bad things I had

done in my life. I learned in Catholic school that if I died in the state of mortal sin, I was destined

for hell, a place of eternal fire and torment. Eternity flashed before me, and I heard an audible

voice through time, space, and spirit say:

“Which way do you choose? Life or death? You must choose now.”

The voice enveloped my thoughts. In a flash, the Lord gave me a choice of life or death, and it

was a choice of both physical and spiritual proportions. Although I had not been in church for

over twenty-five years, I knew I was lost, had no hope, and was going to hell. I was completely

petrified, and for the first time in my entire life, I was truly afraid and frightened beyond my


With a desperate cry, I screamed, “Jesus, save me!”

As soon as I said the name “Jesus,” my spirit immediately jumped back into my body. I

experienced the terrible fear of God. To this point in my life, I paid no attention to the teachings

that the Catholic church instilled in me. I had turned away from Him and disobeyed His laws.

By calling on the name of Jesus Christ, I chose life. I was saved spiritually; the moment of my

salvation from death and beginning the transformation to a new life. This was a miracle. I was

thirty-three years old—the same age as Jesus when he started his public ministry.

Author Bio:

About the authors of Marines Don’t Cry

Daniel Garcia

Danny Garcia, The Walking Man, was born and raised in New York’s Spanish Harlem. He

served as a United States Marine, law enforcement officer, and ordained minister. Since 1996,

he has prayed and walked over 52,000, 000 steps on six continents for children and world

peace. During his journeys, Garcia met with dignitaries all over the world, ministering to the

famous and to the poorest of the poor. Danny made presentations to Kings/royals, Presidents,

and other world leaders, to include four Presidents of the USA, several Prime Ministers of other

countries, the Pope, Mother Teresa, Ambassadors and various eminent personalities and

multilateral organizations. Garcia began his journey as a personal commitment to peace and

children and continued walking and raising funds for multiple charitable organizations.

Danny is married to the former Jacqueline Charsagua of El Paso, TX, and they work side by

side to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit Danny’s website,

Jackie Charsagua Garcia

Jackie Charsagua Garcia is married to Daniel Garcia. She graduated from the United States Air

Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1985 and was commissioned as a Second

Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science in Management

and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. While in the US Air Force, Jackie

specialized in communications, acquisition, systems engineering, and information technology.

After a rewarding and fulfilling Air Force career, she retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the

summer of 2006, having spent more than 21 years on active duty. Since 2006, she has

supported and advised on all aspects of her husband’s walks and charitable initiatives within the

United States and abroad. She joined Danny during his Africa Walk in 2007 and ministered in

South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Southern Sudan. During this time, her faith and reliance on

God grew tremendously under the mentorship of Danny Garcia. The Global Walk experience

gave Jackie an opportunity to serve God abroad, and her vision is to spread the hope, love, and

the grace of Jesus Christ through her writing. She is a native of El Paso, TX, mother of one

amazing daughter, and a breast cancer survivor.

Website. jackie-c-garcia/

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TMST #15: Combine Topics


Hello All! I decided to combine a few topics this week.

 March 22nd = How do you choose what to read next?

First I start with any arcs (advanced reader copies). After that I just try to pick something from my TBR list.

March 29th = Do you leave blog comments? Do you respond to comments left on your blog?

The answer for both is sometimes.

April 12th = What book has been sitting on your TBR pile the longest?

It is actually a three way tie. To Read

This week's topic: How did you choose your blogging platform?

 I guess I just went with what seemed more

Until Next Time......

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Sunday Post #85: Easter 2022

Happy Easter to those celebrating it! 🐇🥚

This year the holiday falls on my birthday. I am excited about that. 🎉

Post Rewind

📌 April 4th = Book Blast: Avocado Toast

📌 5th = Blog Tour: The Better to See You

📌 8th = Release Tour: Whiskey Dream

📌 13th = WWBC #24: Combine Topics 


📚 Hill Country Promise (by: Kit Hawthorne) = added to "want to read" shelf

Currently Reading

📖 Shadow Kissed (by: Rebecca Garcia) = page 18

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WWBC #24: Combine Topics



I decided to combine two topics since the answers to both are short.

The topic from March 30: What mythical animal would you want as a pet?

A Unicorn. 

As for this week's topic ---- What's on your TBR list?

Currently there are only nine books on my "To Be Read" list.

Goodreads What To Read

Until Next Time.....

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Release Tour: Whiskey Dream


Nothing will stop Rosalie from making her dream come true in Whiskey Falls, not even Erick, the sexy modern day viking who’s pursued her since she arrived in town. When a gang war breaks out, Rosalie is put in danger. Can Erick keep her safe and break down her walls keeping him out? Readers who enjoy Brynne Asher and Layla Frost will love this spicy, alpha hero, new girl in town, small town romantic suspense.

Buy Now or Read for FREE with KindleUnlimited!

Dreams can’t come true if you’re dead.

After spending my life fulfilling someone else’s dream, nothing will stop me from making my own come true in Whiskey Falls.
Not my parents who want me safely ensconced back home in Minnesota.
Not the sexy modern day viking who’s pursued me since I arrived.
And certainly not the gang trying to take out my sister and me.
They’re about to learn the hard way: I may act like a wallflower, but this rose has thorns.

Since the day I met her, she’s intrigued me.
The hippy florist with secrets in her eyes and walls built so high, I can’t help but want to scale them.
She resists me at every turn, making me work for what I want.
Just when I start making headway, Whiskey Falls becomes ground zero for a gang war.
Suddenly, unlocking the mystery of her isn’t my main objective.
Keeping her alive is.

Add to Goodreads!

Copyright 2022 Taryn Rivers

I walk him to his truck, where things get awkward—at least for me. After completely screwing up our date, now I’m shoving him off. I stand here, shuffling my feet, staring at the ground. “Sorry I fu—messed up our date.”
His finger catches me under my chin, and I look up straight into a pair of amused blue eyes. “You can make it up to me tomorrow night. No dogs this time though. Your sister can watch them.”
I hold my hand up. “Erick, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
He shakes his head. “You have no intention of even trying to see if we’re good together, do you?” He doesn’t sound mad at all. If it’s possible, he looks even more amused.
I narrow my eyes at him. He’s not taking me seriously at all. “I don’t have time for a relationship right now. I have a business to build up, a sister whose life is imploding, and a nephew to spoil. There’s no room in there for an overbearing alpha male. So no matter how hard you try, you won’t make me budge.”
A wide grin forms across his face. “Challenge accepted.”
Oh, crap. Before I can get another word out, he pulls me into him tight. His hands cup my head, fingers tangle in my hair, and his mouth comes down on mine.
I gasp in surprise, and he immediately takes advantage. He slides his tongue in and it brushes against mine, lightly at first. I freeze, but then my hand automatically curls into his shirt. That’s when he goes in for the kill. It’s not a rough, overwhelming kiss. Instead, he sips at my mouth like he’s savoring it. It’s soft and seductive.
Very seductive.
My eyes close, my head tilts for a better angle and I melt into him as desire pools in my belly. This is good. No, not just good, it’s better than I imagined it would be, and I knew it would be fucking amazing.
With one last stroke of his tongue, he breaks it off. Leaning back, he grins.
“Six o’clock, Rosalie.”
He turns and hops into his truck. With a wink, he starts it and I step back.
He reverses and then is gone, leaving me standing here speechless.
As I watch his taillights disappear around the bend, my hand reaches up and touches my lips, still warm and tingly from that kiss.
I justad to challenge the Viking warrior. I’m going to be screwed, both figuratively and literally. And after that kiss, I’m not sure I care.

Buy Now or Read for FREE with KindleUnlimited!

About Taryn Rivers

Taryn Rivers lives in central Arkansas with her extremely patient husband and her golden retriever, Patton. When she’s not writing, she’s kicking back with her husband at the lake, eating her weight in fried cheese curds and fish fry while visiting family in Wisconsin, or she’s guilting her children into coming to see her. She loves reading, coffee, wine, and her family, not necessarily in that order.

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Blog Tour: Better To See You


In The Better to See You by Kate SeRine, fallen fairy godmother Lavender Seelie finds refuge in the arms of a wolf. Come check out this second novel in the Transplanted Tales series as we celebrate its 10-Year Anniversary. Be sure to enter both giveaways! 

The Better To See You

Amazon | iBooks

 |&nb sp;Kobo | B&N

A fallen fairy godmother finds refuge in the arms of a wolf—until a series of murders threatens to break the spell—in this gritty paranormal romance.

Thanks to a spell mis-cast by Lavender Seelie, Cinderella’s former fairy godmother, Make Believe characters have been cast into the ordinary world. Now that the Tales are flesh and blood, their storybook lives aren’t so simple. But fortunately for Lavender, she’s about to get a second chance at a happy ending.

The Refuge, a sanctuary for wayward Tales, seems like the perfect place for Lavender to start a new life—especially when she discovers an unexpected ally in Seth, the brooding werewolf who’s been typecast as a villain ever since his run in with Little Red Riding Hood. But when humans from nearby towns start turning up dead, their bodies mutilated with archaic Tale symbols, Lavender wonders if Seth’s deep sensuality has blinded her to a deadly reality.

Read an Excerpt


It was over.

I was going to be torn apart here in the middle of nowhere by some winged demon dog. I’d never get the chance to start over. I’d never get the chance to prove I was more than just a colossal failure in every regard—as a daughter, as a woman, as a fairy.

I couldn’t believe my unbelievably shitty luck.

Shaking violently from the pain wracking my body, I lay there, the raindrops mixing with my tears as I sobbed and watched helplessly as pine needles gathered together, creating a thick rope that wound itself around my arms and torso, pinning me to the ground.

Briefly, I wondered how people would remember me after I was gone. Would they speak the name Lavender Seelie and think of the fairy godmother who’d once wielded almost unparalleled power and skill? Or would they remember only the screwed-up fairy who’d ruined their lives when that same power had betrayed her?

            After several agonizing moments, I finally heard the creature leap across the ravine and snapped out of my last-minute pity party, fear and panic once more flooding my veins.

There was no point in trying to summon my magic now—it had deserted me, that was pretty freaking clear. I just hoped like hell my death would be quick.

            The creature prowled toward me, its massive bulk a mercifully indistinct silhouette, and I swear I thought I heard it chuckle, the sound sending chills down my spine. Then from behind me came the whisper-soft padding of paws on the underbrush. In the next instant, a great white wolf leaped over me and slammed into the shadow-creature. The two rolled end-over-end in a tangle of claws and teeth, coming to rest with the wolf on top, its lips peeled back in a vicious snarl.

            I turned my head to get a better look just in time to see the wolf grab the creature’s throat in its teeth. The beast’s howl ended abruptly as the wolf gave a powerful shake of its head, tearing out a large section of demon dog’s throat.

The wolf flung the chunk of flesh into the underbrush then cautiously padded toward me, its head down between its shoulders, sizing me up. As it came closer, I realized it wasn’t an ordinary timber wolf. This animal was easily twice the size of any wolf I’d ever seen and had a distinctly human intelligence shining in its eyes.

I didn’t stand a chance.

It bit through the pine needle rope and shook its head, scattering the needles all over the ground. The rest of the needles instantly fell away, and the trees halted their brutal assault.

I raised a bloody, trembling hand, not sure if I’d just exchanged one predator for another. “Please,” I managed to gasp between the quick, shallow breathes that were all my punctured lung would now allow. “Please…”

In response, a soft shimmering light encased the wolf, and where the beautiful creature had stood, now crouched a man, his ice-green eyes still glowing. As he gently lifted me into his arms, I cried out, pain engulfing me.

“It’s all right,” he said softly, cradling me against him. “You’re safe now.”

I looked up into the grim face of my rescuer, now recognizing him. How could I not when I’d seen his face on Wanted posters and in the Tale news so often over the centuries?

As pain and nausea sent me careening toward a dark abyss, his name drifted to me:

Seth Wolf.

Transplanted Tales Series


Grimm Consequences

The Better to See You

Along Came A Spider

Ever After

Better Watch Out (Fall 2022)

About Author

Kate SeRine (pronounced “serene”) is a hopeless romantic who firmly believes in true love that lasts forever. So it’s no surprise that when she began writing her own stories, Kate vowed her characters would always have a happily ever after. She’s the author of the award-winning TRANSPLANTED TALES paranormal romance series as well as two romantic suspense series: PROTECT AND SERVE and DARK ALLIANCE.

Kate lives in a smallish, quintessentially Midwestern town with her husband and two sons, who share her love of storytelling. She never tires of creating new worlds to share and is even now working on her next project — probably while consuming way too much coffee.

Website | Instagram |  href="">Twitter | Newsletter

The Better To See You Blog Tour Giveaway

Enter to win a $25.00 eGift card from the retailer of your choice (Amazon, Apple, B&N or Kobo). Open to anyone who can receive a US eCard from listed merchants. Giveaway ends April 14, 2022.

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Book Blast: Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast 

(The Orchard Brides – Book 1)

by Nancy Fraser 


GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational



The last place Andrew (Drew) Morgan wants to be is back on the family avocado farm in 

Plentiful. If he had his way, he’d still be active military and deployed someplace far, far away. 

Unfortunately, he rarely gets what he wants. And, being back in the orchard is just the latest in a 

long list of disappointments.

Single mother, Chloe Taylor has relocated from Fresno to the rural area of Plentiful, California to 

build her marketing business beginning with the local agriculture co-op. It’s her job to convince 

the local farms to invest in a major overhaul of the co-op’s publicity campaign. A mixture of 

modern operations, and older, family-owned farms, only adds to her frustration.

At the moment, her biggest challenge is bringing the owner of Plenty Good Farms in line with 

the others. The fact that the old curmudgeon of an owner, Samuel Morgan, has brought his 

nephew in to run things gives her hope. Surely, the younger Morgan will be more amenable to 

her progressive ideas.

When Chloe first presents her plan the Morgan men, it’s Drew who throws a monkey wrench 

into his uncle’s agreement to sign the necessary contract. What she doesn’t realize is that 

Drew’s reluctance has more to do with his uncle’s health issues, and the possibility that he won’t 

be able to talk the man who raised him into retiring.

When Drew is forced by the military medical team into choosing between a desk job or 

retirement, he shares his frustrations with Chloe and she helps him find a new purpose outside 

of being a full-time farmer. It also helps that their attraction is growing. Drew has definitely fallen 

for the independent woman, and her adorable daughter.

Will Chloe’s faith and determination help her lead Drew through his difficult decisions and bring 

them what they both need... a love that transcends their everyday challenge


Excerpt :

Drew Morgan pulled his muddy four-wheeler to a stop on the side of the road just short of the

driveway leading to Plenty Good Farms. The last place he wanted to be, but where he was

needed most. After nearly twelve years of active military service, he understood duty.


It wasn’t like the military was giving him an assignment any time soon. If ever.

He killed the engine, slid from behind the wheel, and walked around for a few minutes, working

the kinks out of his bum leg and stretching his back. It wouldn’t do to arrive on his uncle’s porch

with a limp.

The stubborn old coot would likely brand him injured and useless, and continue to insist he

could manage on his own.

Drew knew better. Thanks to a letter from Doc Taylor, he’d been apprised of Sam’s failing

health. As badly as Drew wanted to stay close to Fort Hood in hopes of haranguing them into

letting him go back to work, he couldn’t very well desert the man who’d raised him from the age

of ten.

C’mon, Andrew, grow a pair!

His uncle’s familiar admonishment echoed in Drew’s ears. Samuel Morgan was—if nothing

else—an opinionated and cranky curmudgeon who liked nothing better than to goad people into

doing what he wanted them to do.

Still, Drew loved the set-in-his-ways old man with all his heart. So much so, he’d accepted his

mandatory three-month medical leave without so much as an argument. Then, he’d set out on

the eighteen-hour drive from the base to the farming town of Plentiful, California in order to

check on Sam for himself.

No sense putting off the inevitable any longer. Drew hopped back into the car and turned up the

long, winding driveway. Parking at the rear of the century-old farmhouse, Drew took the steps

two at a time, the reward for his exuberance a shooting pain that ran from behind his knee cap,

up the back of his thigh, and ended in his hip. With the pain came the flash of memory he

couldn’t quite escape, the loud explosion of an IED, flames shooting into the air, jagged shards

of shrapnel flying everywhere.

He stopped at the door and sucked in a breath before turning the knob and stepping into the

warm and welcoming kitchen.

“About time you got here, Andrew,” Sam groused from his seat at the table. He cradled an all-

too-familiar cup of coffee in his sun-tanned grasp.

The first thing Drew noticed was the way Sam’s hands trembled where he held the ceramic

mug. “The road was wet,” Drew countered. “I couldn’t go top speed all the way.”Sam’s faded gray gaze narrowed in his direction. “No doubt you’ve lost all the driving skills I

taught you as a teenager.”

“After maneuvering caravans of military vehicles for a dozen years, handling a lightweight four-

wheel drive takes a bit of practice.”

“Yeah, well, you’re home now. You’ll catch on once you’re back on the tractor and pulling a

wagon load of fresh-picked ‘cados.”

Author Bio:

Nancy Fraser is a best-selling and award-winning author who happily jumps across multiple

romance genres with gleeful abandon.

She's also the granddaughter of a Methodist minister known for his fire-and-brimstone approach

to his faith. Nancy has brought some of his spirit into her Christian romances. And, her own off-

beat sense of humor to her clean & wholesome books.When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and

looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where

she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.



Nancy Fraser will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner.